Epigenetics is the future of D1 athletes... So if you want to give your child THE edge…If you want them to excel BEYOND your expectations…And if you want to give them the tools and opportunity you never had, then read through this entire post because…Mastering epigenetics will give your child the “unfair advantage” other parents will envy.

So what really is this epigenetics thing?

An epigenome is small molecular factors that surround DNA. It controls actions inside the human cell ABOVE the genetic code. The epigenome changes the hereditary function without changing the DNA code. So epigenetics is the study on how nature (DNA) and nurture (environment) interact.

DNA Is Kinda Like The Alphabet
In the english language there are 26 letters (abcd…). In the DNA language there are 4 letter that make up a gene sequence. Each letter represents a protein (ACGT). It’s like putting letters together to create a word. And the same 4 letters in different order or a different “sequence” can completely change the message, the meaning.