Epigenetics is a new science, the study on how our daily experiences, and how we go about life can actually change gene expression ESPECIALLY during development years.

Daily experiences such as pre-game rituals will help athletes at any level get in “the zone”. Mediation and visualization techniques are powerful rituals that were once reserved for professional athletes. Now parents are beginning to catch on to the power these techniques hold on in game performance. And new age mental practices activate more than just “the zone” but a host of favorable heredity that place athletes, especially growing athletes, at an unmatched advantage…

Being in the “zone” is a form of escaping from reality. It massively accelerates performance, information processing, and pattern recognition. W hen an athlete isn't chained to other thoughts the mind body connection is exemplified. Only in flow can we have full control of every muscle, tendon, bone in our body Here are the 5 hormones and compounds that the brain secretes to activate "The Zone".