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Joe Giangrasso

Joe Giangrasso

About Joe Giangrasso


Joe Giangrasso has the unique and distinguished career of working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the New York Yankees in 2011-2013. Prior to working with the Yankees, Joe was the Strength Coach for the Milwaukee Brewers Dominican Instructional League. His experience also includes working for two years in the Cape Cod Baseball League with the Chatham Anglers. His goals included demonstrating the value a strength coach holds to a team and players who were unaware of how to train during the summer season. Today, he is a consultant to more than twenty professional baseball players.

Joe Giangrasso's Testimonials

Joe Giangrasso | Baseball Player Clients


Joe takes into account the needs to give us a specialized workout suited for each individual. He uses soft tissue work and extra stretching/ mobility techniques to keep us fresh and on the field. I personally can say that Joe’s approach to my body has helped me stay healthy and strong throughout this season. This was my first full season as a professional baseball player. In the past I have been sidelines due to constant back injuries. Joe was always willing to work with us and he was a valuable part of a successful season.

-Greg Bird
New York Yankees

I can honestly say I’ve seen immediate results in my stride from working with Joe on my flexibility in my hips and my ankles. Every workout is intense and every lift pertains to movements that help make me a better pitcher. After working with Joe this summer I feel like I can go deeper in the game with minimum soreness and less recovery. Although I stay on a strict regimen during school ball, I make more significant jumps in my performance working out with Joe."

-Chris Munnley
(UNC ,Chatham Anglers) Houston Astros

After training with Joe this summer I have found it very beneficial to my body in regards to strength, flexibility and agility. We usually train 3 times a week doing specific baseball movements/ lifts. Our lifts at school are pretty generic, however, with Joe we incorporated a lot of core concentrated exercises that concentrate on form and posture as well. I have also found that these exercises have increased my flexibility and range of motion over the past two months. After training with Joe I feel like I have not only gotten stronger, but faster, quicker, and more agile; which in turn has greatly improved my game.

-Alex Calbik
(U of Mane, Chatham Anglers)

Training with Joe this summer I am not only am in much better shape than before I got here, but better prepared to continue training after I leave here. I have only worked out with Joe for the summer but I feel like I have made more gains in all areas than I did during the 8 months at school. Joe’s Training has helped me so much I have asked him on many occasions to get a job in Maine.

-Jeffery Gibbs
#1 Canadian Prospect for 2012 MLB draft, ( U of Mane, Chatham Anglers) Toronto Blue Jays.

I left very strong through this season. My legs have carried me a long way and no long distance running is one of the differences, I also have more hip flexibility that I ever had in my life. I contribute this to all the new hip and breathing exercises Joe has had me do after games and in workouts. Not to mention, the soft tissue twice a week has been an added bonus. The freedom to customize workouts is something I really appreciate rather than what seemed like a “cookie cutter” approach lasy year. Last year I felt like the workouts were very repetitive whereas Joe always had something new and tailored for me needs and weaknesses.

-Daniel Camarena
New York Yankees


I have spoken to Joe early in the season about the mental approach to the game and he suggested to write and reflect in a journal. His journal technique made a huge difference for me mentally. He explain how to go about this a release any negative thoughts I may develop. This has help me out not only in baseball, but in all aspects of life. I believed this helped me get everything our and leave it on paper instead of my head.

-Brett Geretisie- Pitcher
New York Yankees

Journal writing has helped me define goals and allowed me to visualize exactly what I want to achieve in both my personal life as well as my professional career. Journals allow me to set attainable goals for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly improvements.

-Alex Smith
New York Yankees

"The journal writing and visualization exercises has helped me, I think, have a great season this year. It has helped me see my goals on a piece of paper and since it's on paper I think it's help me achieve most of my goals I am trying to accomplish. It keeps me accountable everyday for my progress I am making. Also, when I am struggling with something, getting it on paper helps me release a little better and I can get over things quicker. I have done it everyday since Joe told me about it and it has transformed my season so thanks.”

-Ben Paullus
New York Yankees

Using Joe’s journal technique has has given me the chance to reflect on everything that I have done throughout the year and how each thing made me feel. This is important because it allows me to see what goals I reached, what my new goals should be, how I met those goals. The journal helps also in respects to lifting and exercising. He showed me how a journal is a back up for you're memory. Just taking down everything you do and how you felt and putting them in a notebook for easy recall and future reference.

-Charley Short
Pitcher | New York Yankees

After working with Joe, I noticed an immediate increase in strength and flexibility throughout my whole body. I continued these workout with Joe in the gym and at the field before the games. I will attest that these workouts have helped me increase my strength and flexibility throughout the season and really affected my performance on the field for the best.

-Tucker Healy
Oakland Athletics

Joe helped me to become stronger and more flexible at a time when most players are simply trying to maintain pre-season strength. He's a professional and is serious about making his athletes bigger faster and stronger. Without Joe the season would have been much more physically taxing.

-James Watkins
Boston Red Sox

Playing on the Cape Cod baseball team, it is hard for me to travel two hours to work with my current trainer, Eric Cressey. Mr. Cressey, refereed Joe to me and that we should workout during the summer months.
Working with Joe has been great. Having his eyes on me the whole time helped my form and not jump up in weight like I had done on my own. I feel more fit than the beginning of the summer and gained great tips on exercises/stretching that I will bring to Wake Forest.

-Joe Napolitano
New York Mets

Joe dictated the workouts according to what my specific needs were at my position (1B/ 3B), and we accomplished a comprehensive set of workouts and came up with a personalized routine. We trained before games or on off days. After a couple workouts we were on the same page, he understood what I, as well as Joe himself, wanted to accomplish with my training regiment. I definitely gained a better idea of how to workout properly, (how/why these workouts work) and he also educated me with some nutritional tips as well. He helped me me to stay healthy, functionally strong to aid me through the wear and tear of a long season. We got after it.

-Ricky Oropasa
San Francisco Giants

I felt much stronger as the season came to and end this year than I ever have in the past. My legs and arm feels less worked but threw close to the same amount of innings as I did last year. Doing all of the work with specialized breathing exercises as well as specialized hip and back exercises has been me injury free. I've had lower back pain for the past 3 years but Joe cleared that away.

-Brett Geretisie
Pitcher | New York Yankees


As a New York City integrative chiropractor who referred patients and personally trained with Joe Giangrasso, I can wholeheartedly say he is the finest trainer I've met. He brings the same analysis, deep thought, and precision to EVERY session -whether he is training an elite athlete, someone recovering from an injury, or a client wanting to get fit. He has a deep understanding of how nutrition and lifestyle support optimal function. He is constantly educating himself on new, innovative ways to benefit his clients. Joe is an all-around remarkable human being!

-Karen Erickson, DC, FACC Spokesperson, American Chiropractic Association

Over the past four years, I have entrusted Mr. Giangrasso with my physical therapy and osteopathy clients. His knowledge and variety of training techniques have proven most helpful for a wide-range of diagnoses and ailments. Joe has a wonderful temperament and the ability to work with a variety of clients.

I appreciate Joe’s “team” approach, wanting to collaborate and discuss the client's’ needs and findings with all practitioners and therapists; ensuring the clients’ customized treatments plan is consistent across the board.

-Susan Edgerton Plumeri, P.T., D.O.M.P. (CAN)
I have been a chiropractor and clinical rehab specialist for 15 years and I can say that after working with Joe for the past year, his expertise far exceeds that of any other personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach I've ever met. He is tireless in his pursuit of knowledge. The training he does is far more than merely whipping you into shape. He is able to change the way the body moves and brings balance and stability like no one else. His knowledge has also given me another way to view my clients.

-Jan Lefkowitz, D.C
Body In Balance Chiropractic


Joe was our Strength & Conditioning coach in 2013 for our class A ball club in Charleston. I am Gil Patterson pitching coordinator for the NY Yankees. Joe raised the bar for all of our pitchers. He followed our guidelines but was innovative enough to put together individual plans for each of our pitchers according to their needs. He has great passion and zeal to help players get better. He was a major foundation to our program.

-Gil Patterson
Pitching Coordinator, New York Yankees
Current Pitching Coordinator for the Oakland Athletics

In all of my years with the New York Yankees, one of a few positive experiences from there was working with people like Joe. His non conformist ways and having the will to advance his knowledge to make the players better was profound. Joe is not an everyday strength coach and I wish our industry had more people like him!

Javier Alvidrez
Current Minor League Medical Coordinator, Seattle Mariners

"Joe was a motivated and dedicated coach that did an exceptional job training our players. The athletes enjoyed working with him and he conveyed his strength and conditioning knowledge to the athletes in away that they could understand and excel. He has a great approach for designing and applying individualized training programs"

-Jeff Mester
Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Milwaukee Brewers
Joe is one of the most intelligent and hard working coaches I know. He has dedicated many years to mastering a training philosophy that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to training athletes, especially baseball players. Joe's deep understanding of the unique needs of throwing athletes, coupled with his experience on the weight room floor separate him from the rest. Joe is one of the few coaches I would completely trust with one of my athletes.
-Dave Rak
Minnesota Twins, Strength Coach Former University of Washington Baseball Strength Coach

"Joe Giangrasso is both a trusted fitness resource and a close friend. I always know clients are in good hands with Joe because of his passion for continuing education and insatiable desire to improve. Just as importantly, though, he does a great job of relating to people to get the best out of them."

-Eric Cressey
President, Cressey Sports Performance - Hudson, MA, and Jupiter, FL

The feedback from our players and their college coaches has been amazing on the drills and efforts that Joe has put in for our team. In the two summers that Joe has worked for us we have had a very limited number of injuries and I feel strongly that this is in direct response to Joe and his knowledge of conditioning world class athletes.

-John Schiffner, Manager
Chatham Anglers, All-time winningest manager in the Cape Cod Baseball League

"Joe met with each of our pitchers and developed a summer program for each guy that was centered around their individual needs as relievers and/or starters. Each pitcher on our staff had the opportunity to meet with Joe in the mornings at our local gym to train as part of their goal to gain functional strength throughout the summer. Joe has the ability to understand specifically what pitchers need to have them peaking for their next outing. We virtually had no physical issues with our staff this summer and I believe the job that Joe did was a big part of that."

-Scott Winterburn
Pitching Coach Chatham Anglers (2011)

"Having the opportunity to play for three of the Cape League's teams (Chatham, Bourne, and Falmouth), my body had never felt as good as when I was with Joe. Flexibility has always been a weakness of mine and working closely with Joe, allowed me to stretch muscles I didn't know I could stretch. My body felt faster, quicker, and healthier as a result. Now as an assistant coach with the Harwich Mariners and watching the players go through their pregame routines, it is criminal that we do not have a trained professional like Joe, to work closely with the players."

-Bill Besinger
Harwich Mariners | Coach

Joe Giangrasso | Manhattan Clients


"I have been an athlete my entire life beginning with college football and moving on to twenty-five years of national squash competition. In the past twenty years, I have had the following procedures: left shoulder replacement; right shoulder tendon repair; two lumbar back surgeries; two left knee surgeries and recently total hip replacement. With prior trainers we worked on strength and conditioning, but frankly my pain level never improved and functional mobility deteriorated. I was skeptical at first that Joe could improve matters. Prior to my most recent surgery, we were somewhat restricted because the hip was very sore. But we made great progress on improving shoulder, neck and rib mobility. We also strengthened the hip prior to surgery so that my recovery has been remarkably fast and easy. After three weeks I was already walking three miles. My back and legs have greatly improved. I can now do activities at 70 that I couldn't do at 50 years old."

-Glenn Greenberg
CEO Brave Warrior Advisors LLC

During my Junior year as a college athlete, I was sidelined with a dual hip injury that put me out for a year. After all of the surgeries and physical therapy time, I spent a summer working with Coach Joe to get my athleticism back and build up my strength.
In nine weeks of working with Coach Joe, I was stronger, faster, and quicker and was miles closer to where I was before my injury. We trained in different planes of motion that I’ve never worked in before. I was always told to go hard and train hard. Coach Joe would tell me, “ Train smart and delete the no pain, no gain concept”.
It's been a few months since I worked with Coach Joe, but the fundamentals he worked into my routine have showed as I have progressed back to full action. I can't thank him enough.

-Stanford Rower

"Joe shares with you his deep knowledge, telling you what each exercise does and why he has included it so that you know why you are spending time on each routine. He also tells you what NOT to do, which is equally as important. That way when you do the routines on your own you are aware of what NOT to do, as well as what to do.
Joe has specifically designed a routine improve my golf game. Last year my club speed with 86 mph. This year my first swing after being away from golf for 5 months was 96 mph."

-Alex Sloane
CEO and Founder of A.J Sloane Capital

I've been fortunate to work with some very dedicated trainers. But the injuries kept getting worse and it seemed like the work in the gym wasn't always adding to my performance on the road.
About six months ago my trainer introduced me to Joe. He basically rebuilt my approach from the ground up: how I breathe and stretch, how I approach each lift, etc. He's a true teacher -- demonstrating what to do but also explaining why. I feel stronger (in the gym and on the bike) and like I have greater movement awareness. The injuries are slowly receding. And, Joe's programming has helped balance the repetitive nature of my sports.
I feel like I'm in a graduate program for gym, and it's a lot of fun!"

-Manhattan Client
Jolie G.

He’s not your average Joe. What sets Joe apart is his knowledge combined with a positive motivational strategy and a great attitude. Joe creates a customized program that focuses on enabling his clients to move properly along with building strength and flexibility.
Thanks to Joe, I feel fantastic, my body is more symmetrical, and I am moving better than ever.

-Manhattan Client
Jeff T.

"Being a Broadway dancer prone to disc herniation can be a scary thing; not knowing when the next injury will occur, or if I can lift, twist, bend or jump without out fear of sciatic pain. Joe not only helped me in relieving immediate pain, but he erased my fear.
I wasn’t too sure of our compatibility as he came from such an athletic background, and I the arts. Joe not only spoke my language and knew exactly what muscles needed to strengthen in order to heal, but he was sensitive to my goals. He taught me new ways to approach my physical therapy regime and my regular work out. In thinking differently about my breath, I now can listen to my body in ways I might not have before my injury. I’m dancing now pain free, much in thanks to Joe."

-Manhattan Client
Broadway Actor

I lived with more than seven years of pain -- probably more than I even realized. My chiropractor recommended I see Joe.
As soon as I met Joe, it was clear that he was a different kind of trainer. He understands the body in a way that I think few people do. He considers all aspects -- how you move, how you stand, how you sit, how you sleep, and how you exercise. He comes up with specific plans based on your needs at any one time. I can see the difference in my body, as I develop muscles that haven't been active in many years (or maybe ever!). And I can feel the difference as I am no longer in pain.
Even just walking, I feel the difference -- not only am I not in pain, but there is, quite literally, a spring in my step -- I feel as if my body can propel itself, without the effort to which I had become accustomed.

-Manhattan Client
Beryl J.

Joe Giangrasso | Manhattan Clients


Joe has a unique ability to understand the body of a young men, particularly one who is in pursuit of excellence in baseball. He has taught Michael to listen to his body and do what is necessary to improve his game.
In the process Michael has come to greatly respect Joe. Joe has brought out the best Michael has to give, in a way which, remarkably, leaves Michael eager to return to the next session, despite his exhaustion he feels immediately following each day's workout. I’ve noticed a difference not only on the field, but OFF THE FIELD as well.

-Georgia M.

Coach Joe’s unique program is not limited to obvious sport related exercise but incorporates full mind/body focus and awareness. My son was consistently healthier as well as stronger. This whole body approach made him an all-around better player.
The real beauty of this program is that it is not limited to the playing field. These are habits that will make my son stronger and healthier the rest of his life both on and off the field."

-Joe S.

Success Story

Joe Giangrasso is hands-down the most gifted health professional I’ve ever had the distinguished privilege of working with. Joe honors his clients by offering precise sustained attention to each and every detail, muscle, inhale, and exhale. This level of precision, coupled with his vast experience and multi-facetted approach, render him a class apart. Joe crafts exceptional customized exercise experiences that he then willingly alters and adapts minute by minute based on my physiological responses. Joe seems to possess a wizard-like magical ability to tap into my physical form and embodied experience without me even uttering a word. For example, I hadn’t realized the extent to which I was perceiving a shift in my own midline, collapsing in my left abdominal muscles, or popping my rib cage. Joe spotted these subtleties and created a program that is completely retraining my body and rewiring my brain. Although I’ve only been working with Joe for a little over a month, I can state with conviction that I feel stronger, healthier, more in control of my body, and in less pain than I have in over a decade.

Muscular and joint aches, pain, and fatigue were my norm throughout my career as a ballet and modern dancers. Like most elite athletes, I was able to manage my symptoms and perform at a high level until 2007 when I became infected with a terrible virus that left me bedridden. What followed was the unraveling of my autonomic nervous system and a decade of diagnoses ranging from autoimmune diseases to severe osteoporosis to chronic Lyme. Though the terms would change, what remained constant was my unwavering belief that my body had betrayed me. At my weakest, I struggled with simply standing upright for more than a minute. I needed to use a motorized scooter to navigate campus for the vast majority of my Harvard career. And even at my “strongest,” when I could walk up to 4,000 steps a day, I still needed to make certain accommodations such as using a stool in the shower or getting pushed around in a wheelchair at airports. I identified as “disabled,” plain and simple. Additionally, I’ve sprained my ankles, dislocated my shoulders, and had hip surgery to repair a shattered femoral neck. The straw that broke the camel’s back, and literally my own, occurred this past August 2016. During a routine chiropractic visit gone awry, I became paralyzed. The resulting herniated discs and nerve impingement rendered me down for the count, or so I thought.

I’ve worked with a plethora of practitioners on my healing journey, seeking support from a slew of physical therapists, personal trainers and exercise physiologists. I tried to increase my strength and stamina and decrease my pain through modalities such as hydrotherapy, the Alexander Technique, ROLF, Pilates, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture, and trigger point work. Yet the positive therapeutic gains I have made while working with Joe for just over a month stunningly surpass those I had made in the past ten years with all of those previous practitioners combined. The profoundly positive and instantaneous changes that I feel during and after each session with Joe are nothing short of miraculous. I’ve sometimes arrived at the gym in agonizing muscular spasms, unsure of whether I can even exercise at all. Upon spotting me, Joe will ask, “Why are you short of breath?” and immediately modify the session and each therapeutic intervention based on my physical needs as they present themselves. While working out with Joe, I’ll notice that pain in my neck and back that had been debilitating and vomit-inducing nearly minutes before, has completely vanished! Additionally, my lung capacity expands. My breath deepens, slows, and elongates.

Joe’s interventions have also had profound consequences on my visual perception and awareness of space. Before working with Joe, I often felt very limited in my ability to see and perceive the world. Joe picked up on my tunnel vision, even when I wasn’t privy to it myself, and even identified my lack of engagement with my left periphery. After just one or two sets of specialized exercises and implementations, my entire field of vision expanded. Suddenly, my world blossomed! I could see what was the left of me! And above and below me! Such spatially minded exercises leave me feeling much more grounded. The muscular tension and gripping I had previously experienced in my feet and upper body loosens. I begin to feel my feet on the floor and can rely on them to support me rather than feeling as though I need to grip with my neck and eyes to remain standing or moving through space. My perception of shapes becomes crystal clear. Colors appear bolder and brighter. And each environment I find myself in now seems more illuminated and certainly more manageable. I no longer feel dizzy, overwhelmed, lightheaded, weak-at- theknees, in pain, or disoriented after remaining standing or walking longer distances. Joe’s support has given me a confidence in navigating through space that I haven’t felt since prior to my illness experience in 2007.

Whereas past physical exercise of any kind caused post-exertional pain and fatigue, workouts with Joe actually leave me feeling better, brighter, lighter, stronger, more energetic, and most notably, pain-free. My training with Joe has completely upgraded my life. On those days when I arrive at the gym feeling so shaky and weak, barely able to walk, I am constantly blown away when I leave feeling invigorated, enlivened, refreshed, powerful, and strong. I find myself now performing physical tasks I never though possible, dancing or walking around the city for hours with minimal effort or strain.

Ultimately, my workouts with Joe Giangrasso have been the greatest gift I have ever given myself. He is a invaluable master of disaster, a one-of- a-kind trainer and human being who can transform any body or mind. He has helped me improve upon my physical form and has restored my faith in my own body, a body I had given up on. With mantras such as, “everything can be undone” and “you are stronger than you know,” Joe couples his athletic and anatomical expertise with genuine motivation and inspiration. Author Marianne Williamson is credited with saying, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we’re powerful beyond all measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most.” Joe has encouraged me to rise up, step into my light, and reclaim my own personal power. I am forever indebted.

-Jillian S. | Satisfied Client